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The Belgian EU Presidency Conference: Translating the EU Green Deal into local action

The Belgian EU Presidency sends a warm invite to 550 mayors and local and regional actors deemed 'Fit for 55' to a high-level conference on Translating the Green Deal into Local Action, emphasizing the vital role of local and regional authorities and their energy agencies in the Green Deal vision for a climate-neutral Europe.

This conference, organised by the Flanders region of Belgium, aims to showcase the way forward for supportive initiatives of the EU Green Deal tailored to local governments, drawing on practical experiences.

Strategically timed just ahead of the EU elections, this conference is poised to send a resounding message to European policymakers for the post-2024 era.

Afternoon session “Fit for 55 translated into local solutions

At the core of the conference lies a dedicated session titled ‘Fit for 55 translated into local solutions’ This session delves into the practical realities faced by leading municipalities and regions, exploring pathways toward climate neutrality. Leaders will spotlight ready-to-replicate approaches and integrated solutions, transforming the Green Deal from a vision into a tangible reality.


The conference is poised to be a transformative moment, shaping the trajectory of climate neutrality strategies and highlighting the indispensable role of local leaders in realizing the ambitious goals set by the European Green Deal.

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