**Please note: The specifics of the investment concept described on this page is covering concluded calls in which the beneficiaries are actively working with their Investment Concepts**

**A specific template will be provided for applicants applying for the ongoing call. Please check the guidelines for applicantsFAQ or contact the Helpdesk for the details related to the ongoing call**

What is an Investment Concept?

The Investment Concept (IC) is a document, which translates an investment project idea into financial language in order to mobilise financing for its realisation. The purpose of the Investment Concept is:

  • to provide investors and financial institutions with the information necessary to assess an investment project in a simple and fast manner;

  • to transform the actions foreseen in the climate and energy plans into sound investment packages and  facilitate the access to funding for municipalities / local authorities and local public entities aggregating municipalities/local authorities.

The investment concept template was developed by the EUCF in consultation with key stakeholders – such as financial institutions, representatives of municipalities/local authorities and energy and climate experts – in order to deliver a relevant product that supports EUCF beneficiaries refining their sustainable energy project ideas into credible investment packages. 

EUCF beneficiaries shall develop the investment concept within 12 months from the signature of the Grant Agreement. The investment concept can be developed by EUCF beneficiaries in national language, if preferred. Therefore, the investment concept template is available for download in different languages:


Austria (AT), Belgium: (French) and (Dutch), Bulgaria  (BG), Croatia (HR), Cyprus  (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), France (FR), Germany (DE), Greece (EL), Hungary (HU), Ireland (IE),  Italy (IT), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg: (French) and (German), Malta (EN), Netherlands (NL), Poland (PL) Portugal(PT), Romania (RO), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SL), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE), United Kingdom (UK)


Structure of the investment concept


The investment concept template presents the following structure:
1.    The Summary of the planned investment corresponds to a one-page summary (“teaser” or "elevator-pitch”) with key information on the proposed investment project. This summary must be developed in English by the beneficiary in the EUCF website user zone.
2.    The main body of the investment concept template consists of five sections: (i) Description of planned investment project; (ii) Promoter(s) and (local) stakeholders; (iii) Legal analysis; (iv) Economic and financial analysis; and (v) Investment roadmap.
3.    Supporting documents can be submitted as Annexes to complement and provide details on the information provided in the main body of the investment concept.  


Content of the investment concept

The table below presents an overview of the information that should be provided in each section of the investment concept:

Section of the investment concept templateInformation to be provided by the beneficiary

1. Description of the planned investment project


•    Objectives of the investment project
•    Project background, context and rationale
•    Description of the project
•    Market analysis and barriers
•    Summary of expected impacts
2. Promoter(s) and (local) stakeholders
•    Replication and/or upscaling potential of the project
•    Summary of investment components
•    Overview of project promoter(s)
•    Ownership of assets and management structure
•    Risk profile of project promoter(s)
•    (Local) stakeholder analysis
3. Legal analysis
•    Legal requirements applicable to the planned investment
•    Possible legal/regulatory incentives
•    Possible legal/regulatory obstacles
•    Preparatory studies and assessments conducted for the investment project
4. Economic and Financial analysis
•    Estimated costs and revenues for the investment project
•    Economic viability
•    Risk and mitigation measures
•    Envisaged financing approach and funding sources
5. Investment Roadmap•    Technical assistance activities
•    Work plan


How to get there?

The European City Facility provides support to its beneficiaries for developing their investment concepts:

  • Financial support in the form of a EUR 60 000 grant for activities required for the development of the investment concept

  • Technical support from the respective Country Expert and from the EUCF team, through the EUCF Helpdesk

  • Capacity building opportunities through regional events for potential applicants

  • Standard tools and documents, such as templates, to facilitate the development of the investment concept

EUCF beneficiaries shall develop the investment concept within 12 months from grant agreement signature.

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