Community of Practice

The Community of Practice are designed to provide specific capacity building to the beneficiaries of the EUCF on key topics and to prepare them to procced to the next steps of the process.

Excel-Based Analysis Tool

This webinar is designed to provide all the needed information how how to use and fill in the Excel-based analysis tool. This tool is designed specifically for EUCF beneficiaries and meant to facilitate the collection of key information from the investment concept. Through a properly filled Excel-based analysis toll it is possibe to gain a more accurate perspective about the investement concept itself.

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Buidling on the information provided during the previous webinar, in this webinar our experts will present the Investors' deck. This tool is designed to channel and convey all the key information for the investors in one place. Using the investors'deck you have the chance to develop a structured approach to effectively engage with different stakeholders.

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Additional information and Q&A session

Based on the feedback and questions from the different beneficiaires actively working on the utilization of the different tools, an additional session have beend organized to reply and provide some additional support.

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