Public documents and material


D2.3  - Methodology and criteria for scoring/rating of applications (Call 1)

D2.4  -   Call documents - Guidelines for applicants (Call 1)

D2.8  -   Online application form (Call 1)

D2.11Standard template for IC development (local language) and the summary of IC (English)

D2.12 Methodology for assessment and validation of developed IC

D3.9  -   Central Helpdesk FAQs (initial)

D5.2  -   Visual identity toolkit (including logo, graphic charter, templates)

D5.3  -   Project leaflet

D5.4  -   Roll up banners

D5.5 -  Project gadgets (Business Cards)

D5.6 -   EUCF public website wireframe and content

D5.7  -   Launch event report



EUCF vertical

EUCF rectangular

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