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Come and join the EUCF Investors Network! Fill in the form below to connect with EUCF cities and their project pipelines. The EUCF Investor Network will be given the opportunity to engage with EUCF cities in need of investments for their sustainable energy actions.

The EUCF also has an Investment Advisory Group (AIG) as part of the EUCF Governance bodies. The IAG main goal is to ensure a solid link between the EUCF operation and outcomes and the expectations of potential investors. Their mission is to provide feedback to the EUCF team on a set of different activities such as the outcomes of the calls for beneficiaries, the EUCF match-making activities and the EUCF investors network among others. For more information, please see this document.

If you would like to know more about the kinds of projects that have been selected through EUCF and that offer interesting investment opportunities across Europe, please take a look at our specially tailored Investor's reports:

EUCF 1st Call Investor's Report (May 2021)

EUCF 2nd Call Investor's Report (December 2021)

EUCF 3rd Call Investor's Report (August 2022)

EUCF 4th Call Investor's Report (August 2023)

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