The helpdesk is a one-stop point of contact which supports EUCF potential applicants, beneficiaries and country experts by providing required information. To allow us to ensure continued, timely and comprehensive answers to queries related to the day-to-day operations of European City Facility,

Please refer to:

     Central Helpdesk (if you have already registered to the EUCF Platform and log-in)

     Public Helpdesk (if you have not registered to the EUCF Platform for generic queries)

Applicants, Beneficiaries, and Country Experts should have already registered and therefore go to central Helpdesk.

The helpdesk is here to

  • Provide applicants/cities/beneficiaries with services and access to expertise of the EUCF operation team and country experts.
  • Support country experts in their activities with a needs-based approach.
  • Record the queries and issues that potential applicants have been facing to improve EUCF day-to-day operation activities.
  • Feed the FAQs and further develop the helpdesk based on needs.
  • Ensure efficient and timely delivery of the information provided by the EUCF operation team from the central helpdesk to the applicants/beneficiaries/county experts.

Any applicants, cities/municipalities and their groupings, beneficiaries and country experts who need information or require supports related to EUCF operation, monitoring, communication and dissemination activities can contact the helpdesk.