7. Grant Agreement

7.1 What is the timeline for the signature of the EUCF grant agreement?

The timeline for the preparation and signature of the EUCF Grant Agreement is two months. It starts at the end of the evaluation process, when successful applicants are informed about their selection for the EUCF support, and ends with the transfer of the first tranche of payment (70% of EUR 60,000 grant amount) to the beneficiary.

7.2 How is the EUCF grant paid?

The grant amount will be disbursed as follows:

  • Pre-financing of 70% of the total amount at the Grant Agreement signature;
  • Final payment of 30% of the total amount after positive validation of the investment concept.

7.3 In case a ‘grouping of cities’ apply for the EUCF grant, should all cities sign the grant agreement?

Only the lead applicant is responsible to sign the Grant Agreement and to disburse the amount among the partners.

Please check FAQ5 when applying as a grouping.

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