6. Evaluation and selection of beneficiaries

6.1 What is the procedure for evaluating the applications?

The evaluation of the EUCF applications is conducted after the close of each call for applications by a dedicated evaluation team, composed of evaluators from Adelphi and ENVIROS (neither the Energy city and Climate Alliance, nor FEDARENE are involved in the evaluation process). Each application is evaluated individually by at least two different evaluators. The evaluators verify if Annex A (SEAP, SECAP or plan of similar ambition and corresponding summary of the plan), Annex B (Proof of political commitment), Annex C (Self-declaration form), Annex D (Estimation of energy savings) and Annex E (Estimation of investment size) have been submitted and contain the required content. In case of incomplete documents, the application is rejected and the applicant receives an email notification from the EUCF website user zone. Applications are then evaluated based on five evaluation criteria. At the end of the evaluation process, each applicant is informed about the final result with corresponding justification through a feedback report. The best scored applications are selected to receive EUCF support. Rejected applications can seek support from the EUCF Helpdesk and are able to participate again in the next call for applications.

6.2 What are the criteria for evaluating the applications

The EUCF applications are evaluated based on the five evaluation criteria: Investment size, energy saving generated by the planned investment project, governance structure, stakeholder’s engagement and alignment with the EUCF objectives. For detailed information on “Evaluation criteria”, please refer to the “Guidelines for Applicants” which are available on the EUCF website.

Please keep in mind that when applying as a grouping, all the 5 evaluation criteria might have a bigger impact. Check FAQ5 when you are planning to apply as a grouping. 

6.3 How long does it take to receive the evaluation results?

The evaluation process takes two months from the end of the respective call. After this period, applicants will be informed about the final result.

6.4 How will I be informed about the final results?

After the finalization of the evaluation process, you will be informed about the results with corresponding justification through a feedback report. The report will be available in the EUCF website user zone. It will also be sent via email to the applicant.

6.5 Does the EUCF require a minimum or maximum investment size included in the IC?

There is no required minimum or maximum size of the project; however in the evaluation process, the level of ambition of the expected size of investment of the planned investment project is set into relation to the other submitted applications in the region (regional call) as well as to the local context the bigger investment receives better scoring.

Please keep in mind that applications by groupings might therefore receive better scoring.

6.6 What are the next steps in case my application is selected?

As a next step, successful applicants conclude a Grant Agreement to receive the EUCF support. The time period foreseen for the preparation and signature of the Grant Agreement is two months.

6.7 Will the proposal with a high replication potential be a positive element in the evaluation?

Yes, alignment of proposal with EUCF objective is taken into account. EUCF objective is to build a substantial pipeline of sustainable energy investment projects across cities in Europe. If the proposal demonstrates the potential of developing a sound (and new) investment concept including a consideration of the investment project’s potential for replication and up-scaling,  at evaluation stage it scores according to Guidelines for Applicants (3.1.2 criteria for evaluation the applicants).

6.8 Can I appeal to reconsider the decision made by the evaluation team?

Yes, you can ask the EUCF team to reconsider the decision made by the Evaluation team by submitting a “Complaint” query via the EUCF helpdesk query domain.

6.9 What happens in case my application is unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful applications will receive a feedback report of the evaluation and can seek support from the EUCF helpdesk team on how the application could be improved. You are able to participate again in the next call for applications.

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