New call on clean energy investments opens - 70 local governments can receive €60,000

A total of 70 municipalities or local authorities, their groupings and local public entities aggregating municipalities / local authorities from across Europe will benefit from a new call launched by the European City Facility. The call offers €60,000 in lump-sum payments and hands-on support for local actors to develop investment concepts on clean energy and energy efficiency.

The call is funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme and is open until 30 June (17:00 CEST). Applicants from across the EU Member States plus Ukraine and Iceland are eligible to apply.  

This grant will allow beneficiaries to act on their needs related to developing investment concepts in support of their sustainable energy and climate plans. 

Previously, beneficiaries have used the funding to conduct a wide variety of actions, including technical feasibility studies, market analyses, stakeholder planning, or legal, economic and financial analyses, but the specific action is up to the applicants, within the topical areas of clean energy or energy efficiency. 

Application process 

Applying for the funding is simple and requirements are similar to previous calls and asks for proven political support, potential investment size, feasible energy-related impacts, and plans for governance structure and stakeholder engagement. This information is comparable to what’s needed before accessing most public funding or private financing.  

The European City Facility has furthermore set up a National Support system covering almost all eligible countries with information sessions, hands-on guidance, and feedback in the national languages.  

For the chosen beneficiaries the offer from the European City Facility goes beyond the funding, and includes capacity building, matchmaking offers and dedicated financing tools, all pushing a project idea one step closer to being matched with either private or public financing.  

The deadline for applying is 17.00 CEST on 30th June 2023. 
More information is available on the call page or via the European City Facility Helpdesk.