Can your local government do something about energy poverty?

Yes, your local government can do something about this widespread issue affecting so many countries in Europe! One of the tools we have is the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH), a leading EU initiative run by the European Commission. It is essentially a collaborative network of stakeholders aiming to eradicate energy poverty and accelerate the just energy transition of local governments in Europe.

Their mission is to be a centre of energy poverty expertise in Europe for local governments and all stakeholders interested in taking action to combat energy poverty in Europe. On the EPAH website, different resources are available to guide stakeholders in implementing concrete actions and tackling energy poverty in their local context.

Call for technical assistance

EPAH now invites local governments and/or organisations working in close collaboration with local governments from all the 27 EU Member States to submit their request for technical assistance and receive support in their process to tackle energy poverty.

Awarded applicants will receive up to 9 months of tailored support by experts and the EPAH team to develop their energy poverty actions.

The call is open for submissions until the 1st of March 2022 at 18:00 CET. Learn more about the call here.

You can also follow one of the webinars in your own language that is happening this early February 2022. For more info please see:

Online course to learn more about the topic

Interested parties can also participate in an online course on Energy Poverty. The first EPAH online course is open to all stakeholders interested in addressing energy poverty. It provides an overview of energy poverty from a practical–political perspective.You can follow it in 22 different languages.
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