A synergy is born between the European City Facility (Horizon 2020) and the PROSPECT2030 (Interreg Central Europe).

EUCF & PROSPECT2030 built a synergy on financing instruments for energy efficiency!

Last week, the European City Facility (Horizon 2020) and the PROSPECT2030 (Interreg Central Europe) joined forces to boost existing instruments for financing energy efficiency.

Within the PROSPECT2030 Italian webinar on Financing Instruments for Energy Efficiency - Examples and Opportunities, the EUCF was presented by Ms. Valeria Baruzzi, from Coordinamento Agende 21, an Italian national network, to the Piemonte stakeholders, focusing on the EUCF first call and investment concept.

Regione Piemonte presented interesting data and 2030 targets of the Region in terms of energy efficiency and climate. EnviPark also presented an innovative and successful case of bundling approach for the refurbishment of several buildings in the region.

This serves as a good example on how the EUCF can be used for in the futrure projects! In addition, PROSPECT2030 focuses on good governance as fundamental action to reduce CO2 emissions, boosting the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy.

If you are interested in how a successful governance structure that bundles resources of several actors, check out the EnviPark Web site.

If you are planning to apply as a grouping for the EUCF, please have a look at FAQ 5. Application by grouping of municipalities/local authorities.