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UBC TALKS webinar: Low carbon energy solutions in cities 15 December 2020 09:30–11:00 CET

Examples from cities and funding for the change

Developing low-carbon energy systems is a cornerstone of achieving carbon neutrality targets set in cities' climate and energy plans. Cities and municipalities have an important role in leading the shift towards low-carbon energy systems. Sustainability and carbon neutrality targets need to be taken into account in all levels and phases of the process, and it requires strong cooperation between local authorities, energy companies, energy solution providers as well as citizens and users.

The last UBC TALKS webinar in 2020 will showcase examples from cities in the Baltic Sea region on implementing sustainable energy solutions, present a framework to support local collaboration in energy planning as well as introduce a new funding instrument aiming at local investments in sustainable energy.


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Welcome to the webinar

UBC Sustainable Cities


Pilot results from the Energy Wise Cities project.
Turku: Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint Calculations as part of the building process.
Tampere: Creating an urban district that produces more energy than it consumes.

City of Turku
City of Tampere


The Energy Improvement District - Collaborative Energy Planning in AREA 21 project and example from St. Petersburg

Hafen City University Hamburg & Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University


European City Facility: support for energy investments

UBC Sustainable Cities


Q&A and closing words

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