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The investment concept allowed for the development of Project Jumpstart. Such project comprised three phases with the objective of catalyzing a significant shift in renewable infrastructure for the city of Coventry. The initial phase involved establishing a pilot mobility hub to facilitate the adoption of electrified public and private transport. The second phase aimed to extend the mobility hub concept to a fleet-based location. The third and final part focused on creating a Solar PV accelerator to boost the city's solar PV capacity. This acceleration was essential to supply locally generated renewable electricity, meeting the power requirements for the electrification of heat and transport.


Durham County Council

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The investment initiative involves the widespread installation and deployment of solar carports and green infrastructure across County Durham. This initiative aims to showcase how the decarbonization of existing assets, particularly parking facilities, can be significantly expanded to achieve Net Zero emissions and attract private investment. Potential investors in this project may include private entities, external investors, or Durham County Council itself. These investors would cover the initial capital expenditure for the purchase, installation, and operation of solar carports, along with any necessary EV chargers. In return, they would receive a financial return on their investment by selling the generated electricity locally, providing grid balancing services, exporting excess energy, and potentially through power purchase agreements or revenue from EV charging services.




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The objective is to develop, construct, and manage a bio-based synthetic liquid fuel plant. The produced fuel will serve as a direct substitute for kerosene, commonly utilized in domestic heating across Northumberland. This initiative aims to provide rural off-gas grid customers with a sustainable alternative, mitigating reliance on current fossil fuels.