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The recommended investments are essential for achieving the goal of a climate-neutral city by 2030 and successfully implementing the SECAP. The proposed concepts encompass energy efficiency and renewable energy installations in municipal buildings, specifically focusing on schools, offices, and sports and culture facilities within the city. Additionally, there are plans for climate compensation with biochar (pending decision), Carbon Capture and Storage at the Örtofta Heat and Powerplant in Örtofta, Eslöv municipality, and the implementation of a "Charge as you go" electric road along the E22 highway between Lund and Malmö.


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The objective of the proposed investment project, outlined in the investment concept, is to make a tangible contribution to the energy and climate targets set for the municipality of Skövde as per the adopted plan spanning from 2021 to 2030 (Skövde kommuns Energi- och klimatplan 2021–2030), with some considerations extending to 2045. The project aims to achieve energy efficiency enhancements in municipal public and residential buildings, transition to energy-efficient street lighting (LED), deploy solar PV installations on designated roofs in business parks/shopping areas, and expand the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The investment concept encompasses six distinct cases, each with varying economic considerations such as different discount rates, etc.