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The Investment Concept aims to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, it focuses on the development of a green hydrogen ecosystem, incorporating locally produced hydrogen for public transport, road sweepers, and heating landmark buildings. Additionally, it involves investing in a mixed wind/photovoltaic park, including hydrogen production through electrolysis. Secondly, the concept addresses the imperative of increasing energy efficiency. This involves refurbishing a set of residential and public buildings, coupled with the modernization of the public lighting and traffic lights system. Lastly, the Investment Concept places emphasis on the production of energy from renewable sources. This includes the installation of photovoltaic panels on public buildings' roofs, the creation of parking canopies covered with PV panels, and investment in a PV park for energy production. The generated energy is primarily intended for local consumption, with any excess seamlessly integrated into the national grid. This not only reduces energy expenses but also contributes to a commendable reduction in the carbon footprint.


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The primary objective of the investment projects is to undertake the energetic renewal and development of the city. The overarching goal is to establish a unified, data-driven control and regulatory management structure, ultimately advancing towards energy autonomy. Through these projects, the aim is to realize substantial energy savings, boost renewable energy production, and reduce CO2 emissions. The anticipated outcomes include a significant improvement in the quality of life for the population, aligning with broader sustainability and environmental goals.