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Essentially, there are two measures foreseen: In the first place, district heating relies on the use of biomass (primarily wood pellets) for central heating of buildings and offers significantly lower air pollution and carbon emissions than using natural gas as a fuel. In the second place, the measure will refer to compressed natural gas (CNG) powered public transport. The aim is to replace public transport vehicles (buses) which use diesel fuel with compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.
Furthermore, the measure is feasible and consistent because the city of Elektrenai at the time of the EUCF application already has a CNG fueling station, eliminating the need for additional investments in equipment to fuel the vehicles.



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The intended technology measures are:

  • CHP, which uses woodchips material.: installation of CHP, connection to heat and electricity networks.
  • Modernization of street lightning: replacements - existing sodium lamps to LEDs, old lighting bearers; reconstruction
  • Street lighting network; modernization - control station; installation of intelligent street lighting system control equipment.
  • Solar power plant: installation of solar cell systems, connection of solar power plant to the electricity network of national grid.
  • Storage power plant to provide grid energy storage. The SPP operates in conjunction with all LT green electricity energy producers. As the time of energy production and consumption may differ, the storage will allow matching it. That can lead to s reduced price of the electricity.