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The investment concept outlines a holistic approach to enhancing energy efficiency and transitioning to renewable energy sources (RES) in the Ādaži Municipality. By conserving energy resources and replacing fossil fuels with local renewables, the initiative aims to curtail CO2 emissions while fostering social and economic benefits. Energy efficiency measures will target both municipal buildings and centralized heat supply (CHS) infrastructure. For the CHS, this entails replacing aging heat networks to reduce heat energy losses by 1.26 GWh annually. Municipal building upgrades will include various measures such as exterior wall, basement, and roof insulation, installation of insulated doors and triple-glazed windows, and modernization of heating systems with thermostatic valves. The benchmark sets a heating-specific energy consumption target of below 90 kWh/m2 per year for all buildings.


Jurmala Council

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The project comprises four sub-projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in Jurmala, aligning with the municipality's sustainable energy and climate action plan for 2023-2029. Its objectives include enhancing the efficient and rational utilization of energy across Jurmala's municipal infrastructure, encompassing public buildings and street lighting. Additionally, the project seeks to bolster the energy efficiency of these structures while augmenting the utilization of renewable energy sources within the city's centralized heat supply system.


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The objective of the proposed investment project, REEF, is to expedite the energy renovation of multi-apartment residential buildings in Riga city. This involves ensuring funding availability for deep retrofits aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in these buildings in the long term. By targeting an average of 150-200 buildings per year by 2030 and 200-300 buildings per year by 2050, REEF will serve as a tailored financing instrument, supporting large-scale, standardized, and sustainable renovations. This initiative will enable Riga City Municipality to promote the use of renewable energy resources, alleviate energy poverty, enhance the urban environment, and improve overall quality of life. Furthermore, it aligns with various energy and climate goals outlined in the Riga Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2022-2030.



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The investment concept presents a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and transitioning to renewable energy sources (RES) in Tukuma county. These initiatives are poised to yield energy savings, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions and fostering socio-economic advantages for the municipality. Key energy efficiency measures encompass various strategies aimed at heat preservation, primarily targeting municipal buildings and, to some extent, residential apartment complexes. These measures entail comprehensive building renovations, including the insulation of external walls, basements, and attics, alongside the replacement of outdated windows and the installation of mechanical ventilation systems equipped with heat recovery capabilities.