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Donegal County Council (Grouping)

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Before the year 2030, the Council wishes to implement a deep retrofit of 33,000 dwellings to achieve a Band B2 BER/EPC, thermal insulation and replace 26,000 oil-fired burners with renewable energy sources. There will be a solar PV Installation in Public, Commercial and Domestic Buildings totalling c. €106.8m. They also foresee the replacement of 53,000 passenger vehicles with EVs, and the installation of Fast chargers to facilitate 53,000 electric vehicles. They will investigate opportunities to build & operate micro grids. In 9,000 Commercial buildings, they plan to install solar PV and LED lighting, in 10% and 20% respectively. There will also be heat pumps and thermal insulation in commercial buildings. In Public buildings, there will be LED lighting upgrades, heating system upgrades to renewable sources and thermal insulation. Finally, there will be 38 zero-emission battery electric buses by 2023.


South Dublin (Public entity)

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This project suggests the utilization of a local heat resource through the local District Heating Network (DHN). Expansion of the DHN based on the waste heat from a data centre connecting both existing buildings and planned new buildings are foreseen (both public and apartment buildings). The local hospital has made an agreement on investing in a local CHP plant using natural gas and, in this project, they will analyse options of using this plant as a back-up to the waste heat-based system and therefore potentially linking the hospital DHN with the new DHN for Tallaght.