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As part of the "Climate City 2035" initiative in Bottrop, the primary focus is on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions in the heating systems of buildings. Additionally, there is a concerted effort to boost the supply of locally generated renewable energy sources, such as building-integrated photovoltaic systems and ground-mounted photovoltaic installations. These measures align with the overarching goal of transitioning towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy infrastructure in Bottrop.



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The investment plan for the City of Konstanz aligns with its Climate Protection Strategy, focusing on four main priorities to achieve near-climate-neutrality by 2035. These priorities include measures for the city's own buildings, the conversion of the energy supply system of Stadtwerke Konstanz (the public utility company, 100 % ownership by the City of Konstanz), and funding offers to engage civil society. The investment concept serves as a financing framework and informs the budget planning process for 2023 and 2024. An especially innovative approach consists in the City’s “climate funds.”


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Rostock aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2035, with a focus on leveraging renewable energies. In 2020, the local council of Rostock underscored the importance of increasing the contribution of photovoltaics to the city's energy portfolio. The investment project, "Solaroffensive Region Rostock," strives to enhance the utilization of solar energy in Rostock and its surrounding areas, recognizing untapped potential. The investment concept comprises three key components: implementing a local campaign, refurbishing the cadastre to map solar potential, initiating local pilot projects and expanding the number of solar energy installations. The primary sectors targeted include energy, construction, and, in the future, the municipality itself.