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The Investment Concept will be focused on energy optimisation in Bottrop Fuhlenbrock/ Vonderort in order to identify the efficiency potential in the district, and then develop clear projects that can be financed. This is because a grouping of small-scale projects can generate synergy effects and cost savings by combining the purchase of materials and the handling of refurbishment, building insulation and heating replacement. A “financing by citizens” programme can create an additional benefit for (private) investors through the contribution to energy upgrades and climate resilience in the home



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The technology measures to be financed include LED-lighting, heat pumps, low-carbon heat grids, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, access to local renewable heat sources (e.g. geothermal drilling) and charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycles. All of these technologies shall be used in a way that is compatible with the European Investment Bank (EIB) eligibility criteria.


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The aim of the investment concept is to expand the solar energy production in the region of Rostock, expanding solar parks, photovoltaic and solar thermal plants in open space.