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Grand Poitiers

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The project's primary objective is to expedite the ecological transition through the adoption of renewable energy production solutions in collective self-consumption and local recharging stations. This initiative can be executed through various means, including the establishment of an energy consumer community and the adoption of a connected and rational approach to energy consumption, aligned with our Territorial Climate-Air-Energy Plan.


Le Havre Seine

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Le Havre Seine Métropole aims to invest in and develop solar energy across its territory and assets, including roofs, shade houses, and wastelands. The primary objectives are to reduce carbon emissions, foster a local and green economy, generate local energy, and create exemplary projects that can be easily replicated to promote energy transition. It's essential for the region to prioritize biodiversity preservation while developing solar energy initiatives. The project focuses on raising awareness among citizens about ecological transition and involving them in governance and financial support through the EUCF investment concept.


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The investment aims to establish a comprehensive "turnkey" service dedicated to renovating houses built in the 1930s in the Lille metropolitan area. Its primary objectives include improving the energy performance of private housing, reducing fuel poverty, and enhancing the living environment for residents. The main planned measures involve developing a renovation catalog featuring standard solutions to achieve "Low-energy House" standards. Additionally, the project includes partnering with a trusted third party to carry out energy renovation work on behalf of homeowners under delegated project management, while also fostering a collective project dynamic to encourage homeowner involvement, optimize costs, and ensure high-quality renovations.



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The planned investment encompasses all initiatives aimed at reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the building stock in the City of Lyon. At the technical level, the city of Lyon will seek to address all relevant issues: insulation of walls and roofs, change of windows, heating systems, hot water, lighting, ventilation and the production of renewable energy (heat network, heat pumps on groundwater, photovoltaic solar energy) of their building stock. 


Roannais Agglomération (Public entity)

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The project aims to construct a geothermal power plant to harness the thermal energy from the deep underground reservoirs in the Roannais Agglomeration territory. This infrastructure will facilitate the distribution of heat to industrial facilities and residential areas within the region. Additionally, the plant will have the capability to generate electricity and potentially extract minerals, such as lithium, from the geothermal fluids brought to the surface.