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The project in Kladno is focused on smart and deep renovation of buildings. This will include setting up smart metering (sensors, smart meters, etc.), the creation of a photovoltaics network, and the modernization of the district heating network (including renewable sources, decentralization, etc.). The main sectors targeted is that of Public Buildings.



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The project has five pillars of technological measures. One measure refers to the production of solar electricity on the roofs of city buildings for their direct use in the buildings. There will also be a replacement of inefficient lighting sources with LED in public buildings (schools, offices and others). They foresee the thermo-insulation of public and residential buildings, including other measures on the building envelope. They also plan to replace old heat distribution routes (high energy losses) with new efficient district heating routes. These are the backbone distribution routes, placed about 10 km across the city of Tábor. Another part of the plan is to change the fuel base of the central heat source for district heating. They wish to reduce the share of coal by 100%, in favour of wood chips (89%) and natural gas (11%). The result is a very significant reduction in the share of fuels, with a high emission factor, and a reduction in the cost of emission allowances.

Žďár nad Sázavou

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The plan is to lower the energy consumption of the Town´s buildings through replacing lights by LEDs, installation of IRC regulation of heating, insulation of perimeter constructions, and building roof PVPPs. A complex reconstruction of the Ice Arena is also considered. The investment concpet take into consideration the complex reconstruction of the Ice Arena, the building of the former Magistrate, modernization of the Kindergarden, large-scale installation of PVPP on municipal roofs, the battery for public light. Separately to technology measures are soft measures as education and technical advisory for citizens.