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The investment concept aims to transition the heating of at least 7 municipal public buildings in the center of Belene to 100% green hydrogen (H2), thereby eliminating all CO2 emissions from heating operations. This will be achieved through several key measures, including the construction of a 6MW solar park to provide renewable energy, the establishment of a 4MW electrolyser system to produce green H2 using solar-generated electricity, and the renovation of existing pipelines to transport H2 to the designated buildings. Additionally, the buildings will be equipped with heating boilers designed to run on H2 and connected to the pipeline. This project will contribute to enhancing energy autonomy and addressing challenges such as increased electricity prices and supply instability resulting from global events like the war in Ukraine. It aligns with municipal, national, and EU decarbonization policies and targets, positioning Belene as a leader in green H2 production for heating and potentially for industrial applications.



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The primary aim of the investment concept is to support the realization of Burgas Municipality's strategies for energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources and biofuels. By implementing this concept, the municipality seeks to enhance the quality of life and comfort of residents through the utilization of renewable energy potential and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in both public and residential buildings. Additionally, the investment concept aims to improve the safety and security of residents and visitors by upgrading street and park lighting systems.

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The investment concept aims to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, it involves integrating hydrogen fuel-producing electrolyser and energy efficiency systems into the heating systems of at least 10 municipal buildings. This integration is projected to result in a 40% reduction in conventional fuel usage and a 30% decrease in CO2 emissions. Secondly, the plan includes the construction of a 20MW solar park to substitute grid electricity with renewable energy for municipal needs, making the municipality a 100% green energy consumer. This solar park will also power the hydrogen production facility, which is the third component of the investment concept. The hydrogen production facility will utilize the solar energy to produce clean hydrogen with zero emissions, which can be used for energy storage or sold in the market.



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The Investment concept comprises four distinct components, each with its own investment profile and objectives. Component 1 focuses on installing solar PV systems at 38 companies in the Northern industrial zone. This initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness and resilience of local businesses by enabling them to generate their own energy, thereby mitigating the impacts of future energy price volatility. Component 2 aims to improve the local environment by developing an installation to utilize sludge from the wastewater treatment plant of Gabrovo for electricity production through cogeneration. Component 3 seeks to facilitate access to finance for building rehabilitation projects in multi-family apartment buildings. The primary objective is to support owners in improving the energy efficiency and overall condition of their properties. Component 4 targets the reconstruction and energy performance enhancement of public buildings such as kindergartens, policlinics, and sports halls. This initiative aims to reduce operational costs and enhance comfort for the residents and users of these facilities.



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The investment concept aims to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, it involves the construction of a 25MW solar park to power the production of green hydrogen (H2) and replace 3250MWh/a of grid electricity for municipal needs, as well as for the Industrial Zone – Razgrad. Secondly, the plan includes the installation of a 10MW electrolyser system, which will be powered by the solar park to produce zero-emissions clean hydrogen in line with the EU Hydrogen Strategy. The produced 714 t/a of hydrogen will be utilized for the needs of the Industrial Zone – Razgrad, delivered through the existing gas pipeline as an additive to natural gas. The implementation of this investment concept is expected to bring significant environmental and economic benefits. It will drastically decarbonize the local economy and municipal electricity consumption while delivering substantial energy savings and renewable energy production. Additionally, the investment concept will make the municipality a 100% green electricity consumer, contributing to improved air quality for citizens, creating job opportunities, and fostering sustainable economic growth.



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The project in Ruse aims to enhance energy efficiency in both public and residential buildings while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of public transport, ultimately leading to a decrease in air pollution within the municipality. It comprises four main components. Firstly, the construction of a photovoltaic park with a minimum installed capacity of 2 MW peak will facilitate the production of "green" hydrogen. Secondly, the procurement of 20 electric buses with hydrogen fuel cells will be coupled with the establishment of hydrogen production facilities and charging infrastructure. Additionally, assistance will be provided to apartment owners in 50 multi-family residential buildings for energy renovations. Finally, energy efficiency and renewable energy measures will be implemented in selected municipal buildings across the territory of Ruse municipality. The primary stakeholders set to benefit from these investment components include the Municipality of Ruse, citizens, visitors, employees, children, the electricity distribution company Energo-Pro, as well as local design bureaus and companies involved in project implementation.