4th Call

Call dates: 9 June – 30 September 2022
Number of beneficiaries:  EU City Facility 4th call will support the development of 48 investment concepts - list of beneficiaries will be published on the website after the evaluation process.
Total budget:  2,88 M

Official Call document

Watch the 4th Call Info webinar here!

What are the changes in the application and evaluation processes in the 4th EUCF call?   

•    Focus on energy efficiency
To be considered for EUCF support in the 4th call, applications must present higher impacts in energy savings – i.e. a share higher than 50% of the total foreseen impacts – than on the generation of renewable energy.
•    Weightage of categories A and B in the final score
In the calculation of the final score of each application in the 4th EUCF call, criteria of categories A and B will have the same weight, i.e. 50% each, as described in the formula:


Criteria of category A include (A1) Investment size and (A2) Energy savings. Criteria of category B include (B1) Governance structure, (B2) Stakeholder engagement and (B3) Alignment with the EUCF objectives.
•    Quality threshold of scores
In the 4th EUCF call for applications, the quality threshold of 3 points out of 5 that must be achieved in each evaluation criterion will apply only for Category B criteria. No threshold will apply for the scores of criteria A1 – investment size – and A2 – energy savings.
•    Single cross-regions waiting list
In order to avoid that part of the available funds is not allocated in the last call of the H2020 European City Facility, in the 4th call, a cross-regions waiting list will apply after the evaluation. In case selected applicants fail to sign the Grant Agreement, funds will be assigned to the applications with the highest score in the evaluation, regardless of the region.