The board

The EUCF board has been establisehd to ensure the EUCF is designed by cities for cities and represent cities’ interests.

More specifically is there to:

Ensure a strategic steering of the EUCF: validate the EUCF strategic guidelines that clearly set the conditions of the calls for applications for financial support (thematic focus, geographical focus funds allocated per region, eligible applicants/ activities, criteria for scoring of eligible applicants, etc.) and adjust/revise them if necessary. 

Validate clear and transparent criteria for the evaluation of submitted full application forms, Investment Concepts and monitoring forms.

Regularly evaluate on the EUCF performance, key risks and recommendations for future action.

Advise about lessons learnt from other similar facilities

Exercise other functions as may be appropriate to fulfil the objectives of the EUCF.


  • Stephan Brandligt, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Delft (The Netherlands), Energy Cities member

  • Luigi Acquaviva, Coordinator of the Ufficio Comune per la Sostenibilità Ambientale, Municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Italy), Climate Alliance member

  • Ulrike Firniss, Director of EU Affairs, Business Region Göteborg AB (Sweden), EUROCITIES member

  • Ivan Ivankovic, Head of Energy and Climate, City of Zagreb (Croatia), ICLEI member